Wildlife Conservation

Project BSST14
Project BSST14 Vulture Ambulance
1 August 2023 – May 2024
Project: KZN Vulture Ambulance
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Project BSST13
Project BSST13 Bewild
6 to 18th May 2023
R110 000.00
Project: Vulture Ambulance , Baobab planting & Guard Dogs
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Project BSST12
Project BSST12 Turtles & Tusks
12 to 22 February 2023
R70 000.00
Project: Elephant Collaring x 3
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Project BSST11
Project BSST11 Elephant Collaring
25 February 2022
R130 000.00
Project: Elephant Collaring x 2
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Project BSST10
Project BSST10 Rise of the Matriarch
6th May to 2 June 2022
R160 000.00
Proiect: Rise of the Matriarch
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Project BSST09
Project BSST09 Soul2sole
1 September 2022
R50 000.00
Project: Soul2sole 2022
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Project BSST08
Project BSST08 Soul2sole
19th April to 5th May 2021
R365 000.00
Project: Soul2sole 2021
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Project BSST07
Project BSST07 De-snaring fund
Project : Support De-snaring of wildlife
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Project BSST06
Project BSST06 KZN Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
March 2021
Project : Support with snake capture and release
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Project BSST05
Project BSST05 African Pangolin Working Project
February 2021 / March 2021
R3000 so far
Project Description: To raise money for scale, tracking devices and other items
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Project BSST04
Project BSST04 APNR Ground-Hornbill Project
January/February 2021
R2600 so far
Project Description: To raise money for camera traps & nests
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Project BSST03
Project BSST03 Virtual Elephant Collaring
Date: 8th August 2020
Money raised: R260 000 through ticket sales, donations & neckbuff sales
Project Description: Collared 3 x Bull Elephants
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Project BSST02
Project BSST02 Elephant Collaring
Date: 5th March 2020
Money raised: R172 000 through fundraising and donations
Project Description: Collared 2 x Elephants (Elephants Alive)
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Project BSST01
Project BSST01 Wildlife Educational Booklet
Date: 2016 – 2021
Money raised: R550 000
Donated and printed 105 000 booklets to date
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