Project BSST10 Rise of the Matriarch

6th May to 2 June 2022
R160 000.00



A small group of ladies headed out in May 2022 to explore the beauty of South Africa on a journey with a purpose. The main focus is exploring some beautiful places in SA and also raising funds and awareness for various beneficiaries. We raised close to R160 000.00 towards Conservation projects from this particular expedition. We drove From Zululand up to Mapumalanga and Limpopo raising funds and awareness for various conservation projects who we met along the route. Dates:  6th May to 2 June 2022

  • Pongola Black Rhino Expansion Project
  • African Pangolin Working Group – scale donated
  • APNR Ground Hornbill project – camera trap donated.
  • Wildlife Act – taking six girls from a local rural community to HIP
  • Project Rhino Rhino Art – printed papers for school art in rural communities
  • Phinda APWG Donation for pangolin tracking devices
  • Zululand Conservation trust
  • Elephants Alive – Sleeping bags and Lamps for Gogo’s camp
  • Elephant Alive – collaring of elephant x 1 in Phalaborwa Mining Company area
  • EWT (ROTM) – wild dogs’ donation

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