About Us

Blue Sky Society Trust is an organisation dedicated to helping people and animals in need. We don’t believe in hanging around waiting for positive, meaningful change to happen. We make it happen. We mobilise the power of passion, perseverance and partnership to preserve our Earth’s precious biodiversity, change community mindsets and global perceptions, uplift, lend a helping hand and “make better”, and raise generations of eco-savvy children.

At the heart of the Blue Sky Society DNA, is the belief that people can do extraordinary things together. We believe that every act of kindness can have a positive ripple effect, and even the smallest contribution can make a big difference.

Our mission is to protect, preserve, and improve life for people, wildlife, and communities in need.

Our vision is to identify and manage projects that people and companies can support by giving their time, expertise, ideas and funds.

Why the name Blue Sky Society Trust?

Andries Geyser, a leading attorney and my father, is a very wise man. Growing up, he always encouraged us to have a positive attitude. So, when the time came for me to christen my Non-Profit Organisation, Blue Sky Society Trust was a no-brainer!

The concept – blue sky – has many modern interpretations but for most of us the vast blue sky above us is a symbol of infinite possibility. No clouds, no storms and a panoramic view to the left and right. This ties in with my Dad’s positive outlook and the crucial lessons he taught me about bringing out the best in myself and in others; the importance of a positive attitude in everything I do; and how happiness has a ripple effect.

“I am the self-appointed World President of the Blue Sky Society, the object of which is to bring out the happiness in everyone,” Dad would tell me. “Membership is free, and you don’t have to fill in any forms to become a member. All you need to do is to bring out the happiness in yourself. You remain a member for as long as you are happy and positive. You automatically suspend yourself when you become negative and allow yourself to become unhappy. Fundamentally, it is not what happens to you, it is how you respond to it. Happiness is there for you to take out of any situation. Nothing can be so bad that it can’t get worse – unless of course that you respond to it with happiness.”

Blue Sky Society Trust mobilises this positive sentiment to make a meaningful
difference in the lives (human and wildlife) all around us under the African sky. – Carla Geyser

Corporate Governance

Our vision is to support, educate and build bridges among communities through sustainable fundraising, and to promote the spirit of volunteerism. The Blue Sky Society Trust is an accredited Non-Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation. We pride ourselves on accountability and good governance. Our annual report is available here.

NPO number | NPO 118-708
PBO Registration number | 930046151
Accountants / Bookeepers | Accumin cc

Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership

Blue Sky Society Trust has been rated by the accredited rating agency, BEESCORE.  We provide corporate donors with Social Economic Development (SED) certification from BEESCORE. This process gets done annually.

100% of donor funds will go towards your B-BBEE scorecard points. Each investor/donor receives a thank you letter from Blue Sky Society Trust with the amount donated, along with the accredited rating agency certificate.