She Roars because she is an African Queen

It’s never too late to be spontaneous or to redirect your life.  She ROARS because she is an African Queen! Awake to the call of the Fish Eagle, Sunsets drenching vast landscapes, Sleep under a million stars. Track the African Wild Dog, and work in the field with Wildlife Vets who specialize in Elephant conservation. Join us on a unique journey to discover your Wildness!

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Rise of the Matriarch 2022

The Rise of the Matriarch © is a Blue Sky Society Expedition. The focus of the expedition for 2022 was to spend a month on the road right here in magical Mzansi visiting twelve wildlife and community conservation projects we collectively raised R160 000 in support of. An all-female crew. 30 days. 4000km. A 25 year old Land Rover Defender TDi called Dora and a 2004 Disco 2 called Diego were our chariots for this epic Journey with Purpose. Here is a an account of how it went….

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All-women conservation adventures

“There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne – bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive” – Karen Blixen

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Face Forward and Hang onto Courage, Hope & Love

Brene  Brown – “Strong back, soft front and wild heart”

There is a saying “the Swiss invented the clock but Africa owns the time”… It’s hard to believe how quickly time has passed.

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Collaring elephants from your laptop or TV

There is something incredibly special and unique about standing next to a 6-ton pachyderm who is snoring away merrily on the ground. A majestic animal who has graced our planet for millions of years. The path finders, the grey ghosts of Africa, the original communicators. An animal so physically powerful yet so vulnerable because of us, humans.

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