The Blue Sky Society is more than a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people and animals in need; it’s a way of living. Just by thinking positively and being proactive, you are contributing to change for the better. Although we have big ideas and huge fundraising prospects, the ripple of change begins with YOU and me getting involved. The sky’s the limit for what we can achieve and our vision is to identify and manage various projects where people can give of their time, expertise, ideas and funds to recognized charities and support the valuable work they do. 
We want to connect you with causes you are passionate about and together make a genuine difference in this beautiful place we call ‘Mamma Africa’.  Blue Sky Society Trust focuses on raising funds and awareness for conservation, humanitarian and environmental projects. We also arrange unique once – off ‘Journeys with Purpose’ expeditions with a strong conservational focus.


Our mission is to protect, preserve, and improve life for people, wildlife, and communities in need.

Current Projects

Our Projects


Journeys with Purpose (#JWP) connects ethical adventure travel with the purpose of making a difference. These self-drive adventures are organised and led by Carla Geyser, the founder of the Blue Sky Society Trust (BSST) who has, to date, led many successful trips into Africa. We raise funds for various wildlife projects. 


At Blue Sky Society Trust, we’re passionate about being a voice for those who can’t speak, that includes the environment and all who inhabit it. Our activities include organising tree planting initiatives to educating communities about the environment.


Whether it’s helping children with school shoes or advocating for education, Blue Sky Society Trust – Humanitarian aims to equip the underprivileged and help those who can’t help themselves.