Blue Sky Society Trust


The Blue Sky Society is more than a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people and animals in need; it’s a way of living. Just by thinking positively and being proactive, you are contributing to change for the better. Although we have big Ideas and huge fundraising prospects, the ripple of change begins with you and me getting involved. The sky’s the limit for what we can achieve and our vision is to identify and manage various projects where people can give of their time, expertise, ideas and funds to recognized charities and support the valuable work they do. We want to connect you with causes you are passionate about and together make a genuine difference in this beautiful place we call ‘Mamma Afrika’. We strive to improve the development conditions of children in the less fortunate communities by raising funds for various projects.

Our Recent & Current Projects

Conservation of Animals and Upliftment of Communities

Journeys with Purpose: The Great African Adventure
South Africa to Zambia 2018

Contribute towards creating a better world and have an adventure at the same time. Take part in a unique, NEVER to be repeated, life-changing journey! Explore the beauty of Africa, experience the most memorable moments and ignite passion for conservation.

Elephant Ignite Expedition

The ELEPHANT IGNITE expedition saw a group of passionate females from all walks of life travel a distance of 16,000km through 10 southern African countries, visiting African organisations dedicated to the preservation of elephants that need our ongoing support.

Soul 2 Sole

In South Africa, there are over 7 million children who have never owned or worn a pair of brand new school shoes. At its core, the Soul 2 Sole initiative is simply about providing a pair of shoes to as many of these children as possible.

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