Project BSST13 Bewild

6 to 18th May 2023
R110 000.00


JWP Bewild 2024 – is a remarkable group of six passionate and dedicated ladies hailing from the Netherlands. Their commitment to wildlife conservation has been truly inspiring, as evidenced by their recent achievement in raising an impressive R110,000 for the cause. This substantial amount was utilized to support two critical projects run by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT): the Vulture Ambulance project and the Livestock Guardian Dog Project. The vulture ambulance provides vital medical aid and rescue services to these magnificent yet endangered birds, while the Livestock Guardian Dog Project helps mitigate human-wildlife conflicts by employing specially trained dogs to protect farmers’ livestock from predators. Thanks to the unwavering efforts of JWP Bewild, these projects have been bolstered and will undoubtedly make a significant impact in safeguarding the natural heritage of the region. Their selfless dedication sets a shining example for conservationists worldwide. The ladies also helped plant some Baobab trees.

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