Project BSST05 African Pangolin Working Project

February 2021 / March 2021
To Raise R10 000
R3000 so far


The Pangolin is the most highly trafficked wildlife species on the continent. The African Pangolin Working Group (APWG) was established on 27 June 2011, following an inaugural meeting by a diverse group of people who all have one passion in common – understanding and protecting pangolins in Africa.

The APWG’s objectives are encompassed by its mission statement: “The African Pangolin Working Group will strive towards the conservation and protection of all four African pangolin species by generating knowledge, developing partnerships and creating public awareness and education initiatives. “other individuals and organisations across Africa who are working in the pangolin conservation space.

Species threats – Although large predators, starvation, fires and possibly disease pose a threat to wild pangolins, the vast majority of threats facing pangolins today are of a human origin – Domestic and International trade

Habitat loss is a significant threat to pangolins – across Africa. With the burgeoning human population, there is an ever-increasing number of people relying on an ever-dwindling supply of natural resources. In addition to this, improved logistics and infrastructure are also contributing to the demise of endangered species.

Hospitalisation, Rehabilitation and Release of Pangolins – All pangolins retrieved out of the illegal wildlife trade are compromised. The African Pangolin Working Group has been appointed by the South African Government, to oversee the rehabilitation of pangolins in the country.  Each retrieved pangolin is assessed, treated and rehabilitated by our experienced team: Rehabilitation specialist, Nicci Wright, who has nine years of experience working with pangolins, and veterinarian Dr Karin Lourens.

APWG actively engage in public awareness, pangolin rescue and rehabilitation, training of law enforcement personnel, and engagement with governments and non-governmental organisations across Africa, in addition to research. We choose to support them.

WISH LIST: African Pangolin Working Group

Our wish list includes equipment needed for the pangolarium (not veterinary clinic) – the Pangolarium is a safe place where rescued pangolins will be released.

  • walk on scale – for weighing pangolins before they feed and after – approx R4000.00 (GFK 150H model) – this is to ascertain how much they consume on each feeding session.
  • table scale – for weighing scat and smaller items – – approx R3000.00
  • steel examination type table (can be second hand catering type table)
  • metal trolley with wheels – for storing items needed – disinfectants, water spray bottles etc
  • electric heating pads – to place under pangolin sleeping boxes – – approx R500.00 – most pangolins come from warmer regions farther north and in winter here, require a heat source especially at night.
  • a chest freezer
  • a fridge
  • a washing machine

Our pangolins each get fitted with 2 types of telemetry units, detailed below. They are critical for post release monitoring and have enabled us to know where each individual is, find them and observe their condition and also pick up any issues or problems.

  • telemetry tags – every pangolin we release is fitted with a VHF telemetry unit for post release monitoring – approx R5000.00 per unit.
  • telemetry tags – every pangolin we release is fitted with a satellite telemetry unit for post release monitoring – approx R20000.00 each.

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