Project BSST01 Wildlife Educational Booklet

Date: 2017 – 2021
Money raised: R470 000.00


To date we have printed and distributed over 97 000 wildlife educational booklets.ย  These books are distributed to children in rural communities adjacent to wildlife areas. From South Africa, all the way up into Kenya. The goal is to connect them to nature through fun educationalย  games and facts.

We worth through conservation groups that have existing wildlife educational footprints with eco-clubs and schools. We have translated the books from English into Zulu and Portuguese.

Elephant Ignite Expedition 2016 : 20 000
Rise of the Matriarch 2018: 30 000
Journeys with Purpose expeditions 2019: 40 000
Journeys with Purpose expeditions 2021: 7 000
TOTAL: 97 000

This is to the kind support and donations from one of our main donors Tanglewood Foundation. We will continue to print and design educational booklets which can help educate children about the importance of our environment and wildlife.

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