Project BSST07 De-snaring fund

To Raise R10 000


Wildlife veterinarians, Dr Joel Alves and Dr Ben Muller spent the majority of their early careers under the tutelage of the legendary Dr Cobus Raath, where they were able to learn an incredible amount and draw on over thirty years of wildlife veterinary experience. Towards the end of 2020, after building their own names and brand, they decided to strike out on a new adventure and from this leap of faith, Wildscapes Veterinary & Conservation Services was borne. Their mutual love for the worlds wild places and the wildlife that roams them continues to drive the passions they have for a career that is incredibly rewarding and sometimes, can hardly be called a job.

Working in conservation brings with it the many, undeniable challenges the world is facing from a burgeoning human population but it also brings with it an incredible array of determined conservationists and conservation organisations, each leaving their indelible mark and it is working with these individuals, together, that makes it all the more fulfilling. Based out of the lowveld, in the unique town that is Hoedspruit, they have the perfect base, on the doorstep of over 2 million hectares of wilderness. They serve the local conservation sector as well as conservation projects in Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Congo and most recently, Nigeria, with an eye on many more down the line. Six months into their new adventure and with many more to come.

**With Covid 19 there has been a dramatic increase in poverty and unemployment which has lead to the explosion of the bushmeat tradeย  – Joel and Ben are being called out to help with snares. Often their work is done pro-bono so we are starting a de-snaring fund for the work they do to help our wildlife.

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