Project BSST02 Elephant Collaring

Date: 5th March 2020
Money raised: R172 000 through fundraising and donations


On the 5th March 2020 , a small crew of passionate individuals from my past all female 2016 Elephant Ignite Expedition and 2018 Rise of the Matriarch expedition headed to the Phalaborwa area (South Africa) to work alongside the phenomenal teams from Elephants Alive and Wildlife Vets.

The monies we raised allowed us to successfully collar two elephants (Hendrick and Tangles). The Blue Sky Society Trust teamโ€™s fundraising efforts covered the cost of the cost of the helicopter and the wildlife vets for the collaring operation. Tanglewood Foundation (Peter Eastwood) generously sponsored R120 000 for the two elephant collars. Tanglewood foundation has been working closely and supporting Blue sky society trust projects since 2016.ย 

Crew: Carla Geyser, Peter Eastwood, Yolande Kruger, Stephanie De Wit, Shannon Saunders, Yvette Taylor, Erin Dickson, Ron Van Breda and the teams from Elephants Alive and wildlife vets (Dr Joel Alves)

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