Elephant Collaring (South Africa) 5th March 2020

Elephant collaring in Phalaborwa with Elephants Alive, Wildlife Vets, Tanglewood Foundation and Blue sky Society Trust : – On the 5th March we were able to successfully collar two elephant. Our team efforts assisted in raising funds and paying for the cost of the helicopter and vet fees for the collaring. Our first collar was on a exceptionally handsome Bull Elephant named Hendrik. The second on a gorgeous cow who was named Tangles after Tanglewood foundation who so generously sponsored the two collars for the operation . Once the elephants are down, the ground team moved in and while the collar is being fitted, DNA, toenail, tail hair and breast milk and stool samples are collected, tusks, feet and shoulder hight are measured. Any wounds are addressed and breathing is closely monitored. Once all is done, the antidote is administered and the group back of as nap time comes to an end and watch to ensure the elephants get back up on all four of those very heavy legs. To see the passionate Elephants Alive team and Wildlife vets in action was just amazing. The work being done on the ground every single day by these dedicated people restores our faith in humanity. Thank you to Dr Michelle Henley and your team for making us feel so at home and for giving us a day we certainly will never forget.