Project BSST14 Vulture Ambulance

1 August 2023 – May 2024
R150 000.00


In 2023, we successfully raised funds for the first-ever Vulture Ambulance, a groundbreaking initiative by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) in South Africa. (See Project BSST13) . This ambulance was urgently needed as vultures in the region faced numerous threats, including poisoning and illegal harvesting of their body parts for traditional medicine. The project was spearheaded by the EWT’s Birds of Prey Programme Lowveld team, led by John Davies and Dr Lindy Thomson. It proved its value during a recent wildlife poisoning incident in the Greater Kruger area, where the team swiftly responded, rescuing and treating several poisoned vultures and other wildlife. Equipped with specialized facilities, the custom-made ambulance enabled on-site treatment and safe transportation of these endangered birds to rehabilitation centers. Generous donations from various organizations fueled the EWT’s eagerness to expand the project to other high-risk areas, aiming to save many more vultures and protect these crucial species for the future.

Vultures, vital members of our ecological system, are facing numerous challenges that threatened their survival. The critical funding provided by the Blue Sky Society will enable EWT to build a second ambulance, a tool that is revolutionizing their conservation efforts and significantly enhancing their ability to save vulture lives.

With this purpose-built ambulance, equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and facilities, EWT is equipped to respond swiftly to vulture poisonings and emergencies, ensuring rapid rescue, rehabilitation, and release back to the wild. The ambulance is staffed by a highly skilled team of EWT staff with vital support from veterinarians and rehab experts who are dedicated to providing the utmost care and attention to these magnificent birds.

Blue Sky Society Trust is on a mission to carry on its support for vulture wildlife conservation by raising funds for a second ambulance to be based in Kwazulu Natal. There is an urgent need to protect vultures in Kwazulu Natal, like other parts of South Africa, as it faces similar threats to its vulture populations, making it a critical location for additional rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Establishing a second ambulance in this area will enable more vultures to be saved from poisoning incidents and other dangers, significantly contributing to the conservation of these magnificent birds. The collaboration between the EWT and Blue Sky Society Trust underscores the importance of collective efforts to safeguard endangered species and protect biodiversity in South Africa and beyond. With our joint determination and support from YOU, the public, the vision of having a dedicated Vulture Ambulance network around the country, saving countless Vulture lives, was well on its way to becoming a reality.

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To fund a all-in state of the Art Ambulance costs R360 000. Our goal is to raise funds to do the basic Trailer and crates


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