Your brain reboot African adventure

Close your eyes, What can you hear, What are you feeling, where are your thoughts right now?

You’re sitting under a waterfall, the cool splash of water all around you, the thundering of the energy as it cascades into the pools below…. You breathe, your world becomes calm and you slow time down… Your daily routines, busyness and stresses don’t follow you here, they are a distant memory…Everything is now possible..

If for just a moment you could feel the calm and excitement filling your mind and heart, then you’re ready to TRAVEL. You’re ready to go on an ADVENTURE. You’re ready for JOURNEY’S WITH PURPOSE.

Massive research has been done into the links between Travel and Mental Health, and the results are conclusive, Travel really can Reboot your Brain! Heading to new and unfamiliar places creates brain stimulus which shows almost immediate improvements in cognitive processing, memory, creativity, depth and integration of thought, happiness and satisfaction with self. Is travel the new alternative medicine??

The kicker for all this deliciousness is to take yourself right out of your comfort zone and experience something completely new. You want to hear foreign languages, taste foreign flavours, sights, sounds and energies, the whole experience needs to flood you with foreignness to really get those neurons firing and re-wiring. Dr David Hambricks describes this “A person high in openness to experience, is intellectually curious, independent and imaginative. They prefer variety over routine and enjoy learning and trying new things”. These are the people that are truly alive!

So now we know the WHY of travel, where do we get our booster shots!!

Meet Carla Geyser, founder and expedition leader of JOURNEY’S WITH PURPOSE. Blessed with a wanderlust spirit, a desire to save Africa’s animals and the determination to make it happen. Mamma Africa dances in her soul. Her passion and love for Africa and its animals is evident in everything she does. All her expeditions are designed around the Programmes and Platforms that she raises funding for, every one of her Journey’s is for this Purpose. Now that’s the prescription we are looking for!!

Her itinerary of expeditions is mind blowing, from collaring Elephants in Mozambique and South Africa, providing funding for training and equipment for the Bee Projects in Kenya, meeting orphaned elephants in Botswana, supporting the K9 and anti-poaching units in Zambia and connecting her expedition guests with local communities in educational projects.  There is just no way that your life can not be transformed after this kind of travel experience.

Be Mindful, Be Purposeful and help make the world a better place.


Invest in Yourself!