Trees 4 KZN

Many of us take trees for granted. The beauty they add to an environment, and the welcome shade that they provide in the heat. At low income schools in KZN especially, summer can be brutal. In rural areas, school grounds are barren, and break times are spent in the blazing sun with no shelter or shade to protect children from sunburn. All children should have a safe and fun place to spend time, do homework, eat lunch and play.

Blue Sky Society Trust wants to transform 50 underprivileged schools in KZN by planting 20 indigenous trees that will provide much-needed shade for children and bring a little natural beauty to underprivileged children’s lives. We are asking people to come together and donate a tree to make a difference.

Help make a difference by donating R200 to plant just 1 of 1000 trees. Make school a better place to be for underprivileged children.


Bank: First National Bank (FNB)

Account number: 62368676775

Branch code: 200913

Account type: Cheque

Account Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Reference: Trees4KZN


Blue Sky Society Trust is a trusted non-profit organization based in KZN dedicated to conservation, wildlife protections and community upliftment. Our mission is to protect, preserve and improve life for people, wildlife and communities in need. We want to help build a better world. Blue Sky Society Trust is an accredited NPO and PBO – businesses can earn SED points for their BEE scorecard and donations are tax deductible and Blue Sky can issue Tax 18A certificates.