Umhlanga Women Achievers (UWA) donated Money towards BSST and we chose to plant trees at Stanger training centre and to pay for two days at WESSA Twinstreams facility. See details below

Donation: R40 000 + R1500 (November 2019)


Stanger Training centre

Upasana and KP Hira (principal) + Children

Stanger training centre has been going for 35 years as a facility that takes care and educates children who are severely intellectually impaired with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy. Their ages range from 6 to 18 years of age. They have 252 children at the school in total. STC has been part of WESSA Eco Schools since 2007. Principal KP Hira has been principal for 21 years.


A collaboration between WESSA Education Centres and WESSA Schools, where schools register annually to become LEAF Schools. As part of the process, the students focus on the importance of protecting indigenous vegetation through a set of CAPS aligned programmes, that focus on subject-specific activities and programmes that teach the students a set of themes and skills through experiential learning. The students also plant an indigenous garden at their school and use it as a learning tool. At the same time, the students need to do an outdoor nature-based programme where they visit a forest and learn about trees in their natural environment. For this section, they visited WESSA Twinstreams, where they learned about the pristine indigenous coastal bush in the area and related this to the abiotic and biotic factors found in this forest.

By gaining an understanding of the biodiversity and pristine environment, these students then gain an appreciation for the importance of protecting these integral natural resources.

Trees โ€“ planted Natal Mahogany and plants for indigenous garden

Eco – School one: Date: 10th June 2019

Approx.: 40 children plus 6 teachers from Stanger Training centre to WESSA Twinstreams

Eco-School two: Date: 24th July 2019 – 30 learners and 4 teachers from Veleshowe Primary school to WESSA Twinstreams