“What an amazing experience. You hear of human-wildlife conflict but until you actually get to experience it and talk to people on the ground, it just doesn’t hit home. A trip not to be forgotten – ever. Thank you, Carla, of Blue Sky Society, for this incredible adventure. When Carla emailed me to ask me to join the leg from Maun to Windhoek as one of the drivers, the heart immediately shouted “YES”. It took the head a little while longer to get in synch. I think it was only natural for me to be a bit concerned about my age (70) when compared to the other team members. ‘Will I be able to keep up physically, will I be a nuisance, will I still make it out of the tent in the morning?’ – and so the thoughts went. If ever you get a chance to do a trip like this, GO. The Rise of the Matriarch expedition was something I shall never forget. Hopefully, I am still fit enough to go along next time.”