Rise of the Matriarch

50 days, 4 countries, 11 235km. In 2018, Blue Sky Society founder, Carla Geyser, led an international all-women team on a second conservation SOS mission into Southern Africa. The Journeys with Purpose: The Rise of the Matriarch expedition spanned South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia, and saw 12 eco โ€œshe-roesโ€ from around the world interacting with extraordinary women who are doing phenomenal work on-the-ground to save our planet and all precious life on it. The eco-adventure raised global awareness about the contentious human-wildlife conflict issue, educated the youth about conservation, supported local empowerment efforts targeting young women from localised, rural communities, and raised funds for four conservation bodies, namely Elephants Alive (South Africa), Rare and Endangered Species Trust (Namibia), Eco-Exist Project (Botswana) and the Soft Foot Alliance Trust (Zimbabwe).