Big Sister Project

It is a sad reality that in South Africa, thousands of teenage girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, regularly miss school due to the lack of sanitary protection. In June 2016, BSST teamed up with Comfitex (a product of The Lion Match Company) to distribute care packs to 400 girls between the ages of 9 and 15 at Hlengimpilo Primary School in Inanda in the hope of igniting an initiative to bring about positive change throughout KwaZulu-Natal. Each of the Grade 6 & 7 learners received a pink string bag containing a 6-month supply of pads, a packet of panties and an A5 educational flyer with information about puberty and hygiene. The girls also received an educational talk about how puberty impacts on their bodies and how they can best deal with the changes to ensure that their education isnโ€™t disrupted. This was a powerful empowerment initiative that delivered hope and understanding, and it drove socio-economic change at a grassroots level by motivating young girls to continue with their education in the hope of becoming impactful members of society.