Journeys with Purpose

Journeys with Purpose is an ecotourism fundraising initiative inviting people to join Blue Sky Society on expeditions through Africa, combining adventure travel with conservation projects. Every step of the trip is about travelling with purpose and once-in-a-lifetime experiences – seeing wildlife and meeting the people who work to protect them, driving a 4×4 through multiple African countries, sleeping under the stars, sitting around campfires and witnessing the extraordinary beauty of world heritage sites and what Africa has to offer. Each expedition also raises funds for causes that will be visited along the way.

About the 2018 Expedition

The Route

We will travel through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe over a 6-week period. The expedition will be broken into three legs of two weeks each:

  1. South Africa + Namibia
  2. Namibia + Botswana
  3. Zimbabwe + South Africa

The Crew

This is an all-female expedition consisting of 8 crew members for each leg of the journey. Crew members pay their own way – through self-funding, fundraising, or corporate sponsorship. This is not an expedition for the faint of heart – crew members will be hands-on in doing daily chores (cooking, cleaning, camp setup), driving, and helping with additional fundraising.

The Purpose

The essence of enabling real change lies in the ability to motivate and mobilise as many people as possible.

#JourneysWithPurpose brings women from all walks of life together to travel through Africa in pursuit of wildlife conservation, empowering and educating women from underprivileged communities along the way.

We will be:

  • visiting conservation groups, seeing the work they are doing with human-wildlife conflict (HWC) mitigation projects
  • visiting schools and communities to hear their stories and the challenges they face
  • handing out HWC educational booklets to children who live close to wildlife habitats
  • meeting anti-poaching units, and the men and women that put their lives on the line every single day to protect our animals.

The Causes

Elephants AliveSouth Africa

 Kgalagadi Lions HWC ProjectSouth Africa

Elephant Human Relations AidNamibia

AfriCat FoundationNamibia

Rare and Endangered Species TrustNamibia

Northern Tuli Predator ProjectBotswana

EcoExist ProjectBotswana

Soft Foot Alliance TrustZimbabwe