JWP02 Mozambique North 2020

This 2,113-kilometer, 17-day overland expedition through Mozambique was more than just a chance to see the sights. It was a Journey with Purpose: A trip led by the non-profit Blue Sky Society that harnesses the power of travelers to make a difference. Our goal was not only to visit Mozambiqueโ€™s conservation areas, but to help ensure their long-term protection. Our five-woman team (made up of ladies from four different countries and ranging in age from 30s to 60s) raised R60,000 to help fund the collaring of an elephant for conservation and research purposes. We also distributed 8,000 educational booklets to local schools to get the next generation excited about wildlife conservation. Along the way, we were privileged to meet with many of the passionate people fighting to protect wildlife in Mozambique, listen to their stories, and learn how to support their important work.

The journey took us from the lush forests of Gilรฉ National Reserve to plains teeming with waterbuck in Gorongosa National Park to the stunning blue waters of Bazaruto Archipelago National Park. Everywhere we went, we witnessed first hand the challenges that Mozambique faces to protect its wildlife as well as the incredible work being done by conservationists in partnership with local communities.