Umbimbilethu Creche and Day Care

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Umbimbilethu Creche and Day Care

  • Current status of the ProjectOngoing
  • Start Date:2016
  • Completion Date:2016
  • Project HeadCarl Geyser

One Of Our Charity Involvement Projects: The Umbimbilethu Day Care Centre can be found within the Msazazane Location near Umzumbe which is about an hour’s drive from Durban. This crèche was started by Mrs Gumede in October 2013, with 12 children from ‘child-mothers’ and orphaned little ones through HIV parents that had passed away. The centre offers a VERY basic facility whereby the children are nursed by four local ladies from the community that help out as ‘care-givers’. The number of toddlers has risen to 77. The Lion Match Company has come on board to assist the Blue Sky Society Trust with a much needed facility upgrade and to establish an outdoor play area. This upgrade will happen in various stages and is an on-going upliftment and skills development project.

We would also like to eventually fund workshops for the caregivers; provide playground & indoor equipment for the crèche; Supply educational development kits and toys for the caregivers and children, and then finally also ensure that the children are getting at least one nutritious meal a day by building a sustainable vegetable garden.



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