Africa Exploration Fundraising: The ELEPHANT IGNITE expedition will see a group of passionate females, from all walks of life, travel a distance of 10 000kms through 10 southern African countries, visiting African organisations dedicated to the preservation of elephants that need our ongoing support. Connected by a common goal to make a difference to Africa’s elephants, the group will embark on a journey with a purpose.

  • Community upliftment.
  • Youth education targeting conservation and sustainability.
  • Public awareness for the plight of Africa’s declining elephant population.
  • Fundraising support for the non-profit organisations working to protect the elephants.

The expedition will be filmed for a web-series for the awardwinning Earth Touch website: The series will document not only the journey, but tell the stories of the various organisations and people who are truly making a difference in the world of elephant conservation. We hope to create a huge amount of awareness that will turn into real, practical actions for saving elephants and spark a passion for conservation with the rest of the world.


Feel free to DOWNLOAD the Elephant Ignite Expedition brochure.


  • To increase public awareness for the current spiralling wildlife crisis that is occurring with elephants in East Africa and surroundings countries.
  • To help reduce human – elephant conflict challenges through education and awareness programmes.
  • To visit rural communities along the way with educational messages about poaching and wildlife crime issues, with special emphasis on youth engagement. (Educational tools provided will empower individuals to share their knowledge with others to support ongoing momentum for the campaign.)
  • To nurture an understanding of the value of conservation amongst rural communities, particularly for elephant and other endangered species affected by illegal poaching and wildlife crime.
  • Gain youth perspectives on illegal poaching, wildlife crime, demand-reduction and the economic value of endangered species.
  • To visit the various conservation organisations that are fighting to keep our wildlife safe, and meet the “heroes” on the ground. Document and share their stories with the world and gain international funding support.
  • To link the conservation organisations and initiatives throughout the region and encourage them to share their knowledge, thereby strenghtening networking capabilities and increasing fundraising opportunities.
  • To deliver funds and sponsored equipment to the various nominated charities and conservation organisations. (Various fundraising activities will be implemented preexpedition. We would also like to show donors exactly where their money is going.)
  • To gather conservation and anti-poaching messages from people (children and adults) who we have interacted with along the route as a further call to action against elephant poaching.

DEPARTURE: 9th August 2016 from Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom, Durban, KZN (Woman’s Day)



SMS the word ‘S2S’ to 42166 to donate R30 towards Soul to Sole

In South Africa there are over 7 million children who have never owned or worn a pair of brand new school shoes. These children have become accustomed to walking barefoot through our rough Africa terrain.

At its core Soul to Sole is simply about providing a pair of shoes to as many of these children as possible. We strongly believe that this small and simple gesture can have a ripple effect, bringing hope, pride and dignity to our future leaders.

Soul to Sole works to connect individuals and groups with underprivileged schools to provide footwear, funds or other resources needed by the school and its community. Once raise, the sponsors are encouraged to take part in the ‘shoe drop’ and see the difference they are making for the community.

Whether you are an individual looking to join a current campaign, or a corporate or school looking to start your own, Blue Sky Society facilitates connections and campaigns from start to finish, leaving you plenty of energy to devote to your cause.

To get involved, please get in touch.


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SMS the word ‘OIAM’ to 38448 to donate R10 towards One In A Million

This Blue Sky Society Trust ‘One in a Million’ campaign is the latest initiative to help wildlife conservation in Africa.

We will be collecting generous donations from one million people worldwide as a further call to action against wildlife poaching through various online marketing campaigns lead by The Blue Sky Society Trust.

My aim is to get one Million people worldwide to hold hands and show they care about our wildlife by donating a minimum of R10. By donating to the project you become part of the ever growing ‘One in a Million’ generation. The will for change is out there, and we just need to take the opportunity to the people.

Throughout the year we will embark on various Online & Social Media campaigns to raise funds.

We need your HELP and involvement in order for this worthwhile campaign to be a success; it requires the global support of schools, corporates and individuals worldwide.

It all starts with ONE individual……ONE school…….ONE corporate

One Of Our Charity Involvement Projects: The Umbimbilethu Day Care Centre can be found within the Msazazane Location near Umzumbe which is about an hour’s drive from Durban. This crèche was started by Mrs Gumede in October 2013, with 12 children from ‘child-mothers’ and orphaned little ones through HIV parents that had passed away. The centre offers a VERY basic facility whereby the children are nursed by four local ladies from the community that help out as ‘care-givers’. The number of toddlers has risen to 77. The Lion Match Company has come on board to assist the Blue Sky Society Trust with a much needed facility upgrade and to establish an outdoor play area. This upgrade will happen in various stages and is an on-going upliftment and skills development project.

We would also like to eventually fund workshops for the caregivers; provide playground & indoor equipment for the crèche; Supply educational development kits and toys for the caregivers and children, and then finally also ensure that the children are getting at least one nutritious meal a day by building a sustainable vegetable garden.



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