Big Sister Project

  • Current State of ProjectOngoing
  • Start Date:2016
  • Completion Date:2016
  • Project HeadCarl Geyser

For many young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds the onset of puberty marks a sharp decline in school attendance which results in declining grades and sometime leads to them dropping out of school completely. One of the reasons for this high drop-out rate is the lack of sanitary projection and lack of knowledge and education around puberty and hygiene. Each Child in South Africa has the right to a basic Education. Without an education, these girls will not be able to compete for jobs and will be dependent on someone else for survival.

Because the girls can’t afford sanitary protection and underwear at the age of menstruation, and  because they don’t understand what is happening to their transforming bodies, what should be a celebration into womanhood becomes a time of shame and embarrassment, with terrible consequences for the girls education and their foreseen futures.

Blue Sky Society in partnership with Comfitex is implementing a “Big Sister” campaign in schools across KZN. The objective is to empower female learners and to help keep them in school by providing them with puberty education, sanitary protection and motivation to stay in school. Each girl will be provided with a pack of pads, panties, soap and Comfitex wipes to keep them going for two months. This will be an on-going project.