We've been lucky enough to meet some amazing people on our life-changing expeditions.
Watch what they have to say about their journey's with purpose experience below.

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    • Emily Scott

      “After spending two weeks with Carla on the Rise of the Matriarch expedition, there was no way I’d pass up this opportunity to travel with Blue Sky Society again! I learned so much about wildlife conservation and was incredibly privileged to meet with the local leaders who are on the front lines of this work every day. Going on safari is wonderful, but travelling with local experts and being able to go behind the scenes is extraordinary. I love Carla’s commitment to ethical travel and passion for Africa, and I can’t wait to see Mozambique with her and the rest of the team!” - Emily Scott

    • Joan Arnestad

      Joan Arnestad joined us for our #RiseOfTheMatriach Expedition and here's what she had to say about her experience: "What an amazing experience. You hear of human-wildlife conflict but until you actually get to experience it and talk to people on the ground, it just doesn’t hit home. A trip not to be forgotten – ever. Thank you, Carla, of Blue Sky Society, for this incredible adventure. When Carla emailed me to ask me to join the leg from Maun to Windhoek as one of the drivers, the heart immediately shouted “YES”. It took the head a little while longer to get in synch. I think it was only natural for me to be a bit concerned about my age (70) when compared to the other team members. ‘Will I be able to keep up physically, will I be a nuisance, will I still make it out of the tent in the morning?’ - and so the thoughts went. If ever you get a chance to do a trip like this, GO. The Rise of the Matriarch expedition was something I shall never forget. Hopefully, I am still fit enough to go along next time." - Joan Arnestad

    • Celokuhle “Smax” Biyela

      Watch Smax Biyela share her testimony about her experience on Leg 1. She was part of the all-South African crew that ventured across South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana, visiting: Wild is Life, Soft Foot Alliance, Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, Elephants Without Borders and Space for Giants. 

    • Erin Dickson

      Erin is one of our eco-warriors who really committed to making her dream come true of travelling through Africa for a meaningful cause. Her trip was completely self-funded through her own savings and fundraising initiatives. Seeing people who are so dedicated to helping really warms our hearts and restores our faith in humanity. Hear what Erin has to say about her Journey's With Purpose Experience. 

    • Laura Jane Thomas Gilks

      Laura is the owner of Salt & Candy and is responsible for all our marketing. What better way to get to know your clients than getting your hands dirty with them? That is exactly what she did! 'Rule 3. Meet the People You Help. As social animals, it is imperative for us to see the actual, tangible impact of our time and effort for our work to have meaning and for us to be motivated to do it even better.' This is exactly what Laura Jane Thomas-Gilks did when she decided to go on the trip of a lifetime through Africa with Blue Sky Society. 

    • Tarren Benson

      "I never believed that a “small” road trip through Zim and Botswana would touch me so deeply and inspire me to not only be a better person but to give back. Being in and amongst passionate woman who would give up everything to affect even the tiniest change within Africa and her precious beasts, set my soul on fire. Their spirit is infectious and I felt inspired beyond words. This trip changed me and is no doubt the highlight of my adult life. I thank Carla every day for the memories and opportunity to see how we can do our part in saving these animals." - Tarren Benson

    • Carla Geyser

      "Life is most certainly an adventure filled with highs and not so high moments. Having created a life whereby l get to experience the beauty and challenges of mama Africa with incredible people from all walks of life, each with their own story is something I am truly grateful for. The ability to inspire people to follow their dreams and take on life's little challenges with a bit of a sense of humour is something that motivates me. We have truly got so much out there that is worth fighting for and that is what l plan to do with my Expeditions. I cannot do it alone and value your endless support and compassion. Asante sane Carla" - Carla Geyser

    • Lungile Dimba


  • When I heard that Carla wanted me to join the Rise of The Matriarch, I was shocked and ecstatic. A little panicked because I hadn't flown out of South Africa. Luckily I was arranged to go be on a flight with Joan. I call her "mama Joan". She befriended me from then onwards and my exit outside the country was smooth. The great of the experience was one of a lifetime. I am crying. The support I received was amazing from the announcement to my coming back to SA. I was cared for by EVERYONE. I am still marvelled at the magic of the unfolding of everything. I am grateful to Carla, Blue Sky Society, WESSA, and Tanglewood till today for that opportunity.” –  Lungile Dimba

  • Stephanie De Wit

    "Words cannot express the passion, the love, the purpose that goes into and comes back out of this amazing organisation. You have to experience it first-hand."  – Stephanie De Wit"