Elephant Ignite Expedition 2016





In 2016, a group of passionate females from all walks of life travelled 10,000kms through 10 southern African countries, visiting organisations dedicated to the preservation of elephants. Connected by a common goal to make a difference to Africa’s elephants, this was a journey with a purpose:

  • Community upliftment.
  • Youth education targeting conservation and sustainability.
  • Public awareness for the plight of Africa’s declining elephant population.
  • Fundraising support for the non-profit organisations working to protect elephants.

Official Nominated Charities

The Elephants and Bees Project

The Elephants and Bees Project is an innovative study using an in-depth understanding of elephant behaviour to reduce damage from crop-raiding elephants using their instinctive avoidance of African honey bees. The project explores the use of novel Beehive Fences as a natural elephant deterrent creating a social and economic boost to poverty-stricken rural communities through pollination services and the sustainable harvesting of “Elephant-Friendly Honey”.

The Ecoexist Project

In an area of northern Botswana roughly the size of Yellowstone National Park, 15,000 elephants compete with 15,000 people for access to water, food, and land. Ecoexist seeks to reduce conflict and foster coexistence between elephants and people. The team finds and facilitates solutions that work for both species.

Game Rangers International


Game Rangers International (GRI) is a Zambian conservation organisation, working alongside the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) to protect the wildlife in Zambia. GRI embrace a holistic approach to nature conservation, which focuses on people protecting, working and living alongside wildlife and natural spaces.

The Kasungu Elephants Foundation

The Kasungu Elephants Foundation contributes to the protection and conservation of animals and vegetation in Kasungu National Park, Malawi. Its main commitment lies in the protection of the remaining African elephants in the Park. Poaching and the illegal ivory trade are serious threats to the survival of these elephants. The Foundation is constantly developing tactics to keep poachers out of the Park and has been very successful in limiting poaching incidents.

Conservation South Luangwa: Canine Unit

With wildlife trafficking reaching alarming levels throughout the world and much of the contraband originating from Zambia, it has become necessary to introduce innovative techniques to address this. They introduced Zambia’s first ever wildlife detection dog unit in South Luangwa.

The expedition will be filmed for a web-series for the awardwinning Earth Touch website: www.earthouchnews.com The series will document not only the journey, but tell the stories of the various organisations and people who are truly making a difference in the world of elephant conservation. We hope to create a huge amount of awareness that will turn into real, practical actions for saving elephants and spark a passion for conservation with the rest of the world.

Africa Conservation Expeditions – AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

  • To increase public awareness for the current spiralling wildlife crisis that is occurring with elephants in East Africa and surroundings countries.
  • To help reduce human – elephant conflict challenges through education and awareness programmes.
  • To nurture an understanding of the value of conservation amongst rural communities, particularly for elephant and other endangered species affected by illegal poaching and wildlife crime.
  • Gain youth perspectives on illegal poaching, wildlife crime, demand-reduction and the economic value of endangered species.
  • To visit the various conservation organisations that are fighting to keep our wildlife safe, and meet the “heroes” on the ground. Document and share their stories with the world and gain international funding support.
  • To link the conservation organisations and initiatives throughout the region and encourage them to share their knowledge, thereby strenghtening networking capabilities and increasing fundraising opportunities.