Whether it’s helping children with school shoes or advocating for education, Blue Sky Society Trust – Humanitarian aims to equip the underprivileged and help those who can’t help themselves. 

We are a small yet passionate, productive team and each year our Blue Sky Society Trust family inspires more individuals and corporates to go out there and do more, having a powerful impact both locally and internationally. We are determined to get more people involved on various levels to help us make a difference with the humanitarian, environmental and conservation projects that we Support.

Imagine if everyone simply shook their heads in sorrow and dismay at the multiple layered plights facing humanity in Africa. Nothing worthwhile would be achieved, would it? Empathy coupled with strategic action and necessary resources can produce extraordinary results. We see this when we roll out our humanitarian initiatives. Can you imagine the lives we could transform if we all stepped in and helped? At the end of the day, we all have a responsible as humans to help uplift, empower, educate, heal, make better and improve the lives of fellow humans. This is why we do what we do.

Whether it’s empowering young girls from impoverished backgrounds, distributing school shoes to little ones who have never owned anything new before or helping brighten up paediatric wards so children can heal quickly, BSST’s humanitarian projects help make life better all around us. You too can make a meaningful difference. Take a look below at some of the significant initiatives we are involved in. Would you like to come on board too?

One of the things that the Blue Sky Society family is particularly proud of, is the fact that we channel help to where it is needed the most. We go to great lengths to locate communities

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Contribute to one of our Humanitarian projects and help make a difference in the lives of others.

Big Sister Project

It is a sad reality that in South Africa, thousands of teenage girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, regularly miss school due to the lack of sanitary projection and the lack of knowledge and education around puberty and hygiene. This results in declining grades and even leads to girls dropping out of school completely. The socio-economic impact of this scenario is far-reaching: without basic education, the girls cannot study further or get jobs which means they become reliant on someone else to survive. A simple act of educating girls about puberty, providing them with sanitary protection and motivating them to stay in school can have vast ramifications for women empowerment and socioeconomic upliftment at a grassroots level. Blue Sky Society Trust in partnership with Comfitex has implemented a “Big Sister” campaign in schools across KwaZulu-Natal, to generate positive change for young girls. Each is provided with a pack of pads, panties, soap and Comfitex wipes to keep them going for two months. This is an on-going project and we would love your help!

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