Feedback From Projects

Elephants and Bees

The Elephant Ignite team visited the project in early November to meet the farmers whose lives they have impacted tremendously. The team also inspired local schoolchildren with their talks Elephant Conservation booklets and crayons which the kids were overjoyed to receive. Thanks to their  kindness we were able to employ Esther Serem to help our project – Dr Lucy King

Conservation South Luangwa

The Elephant Ignite team of adventurous ladies who

visited CSL’s programs were a pleasure to have. We feel extremely grateful that they chose us as one of the projects to visit and South Luangwa, Zambia’s premiere national park. The Luangwa Valley is home to Zambia’s largest elephant population and like all elephants they are under fire. Any attention brought to our elephants helps our work in conserving them. School children booklets and crayons donated by Elephant Ignite have been donated to a school that is largely under supported, in an area that faces large human elephant conflict issues. – Rachel Robb

Elephants Alive

Elephants Alive was privileged to host the Elephant Ignite Expedition and collar three elephants at Phalaborwa Copper Mine on 15 August 2016. Although this wonderful team of adventurous women sponsored only one of the collars we deployed, their sponsorship helped us deploy two other collars. We always try to deploy at least three collars with each collaring operation as this cuts down on the overall helicopter and veterinary fees per elephant. Also, their sponsorship enabled us to test new tracking devices developed by Savannah Tracking (Ltd).

The film prepared by Earth Touch on this collaring expedition has lead to an increase in our media exposure. We are most grateful to the Elephant Ignite Expedition for their friendship, passion and continued support.

– Michelle Henley


The Elephant Ignite Expedition was a stunning initiative and we benefitted from their visit and their enthusiasm for our cause. They contributed to our education pamphlets and we will be able to share our conservation message to more people. – Dr Anna Songhurst

Wildlife Connection

Elephant Ignite helped Wildlife Connection to continue doing our important work to promote peaceful human and animal co-existence. We work in the village communities around the Ruaha National Park, as the villagers live close to the animals there are times they compete for resources. EIE helped us and gave us tools to do more.

– Hanna Shaw

Game Rangers International

The Elephant Ignite expedition made an amazing impact. We were privledged to be included in their itinerary. They helped us with vital education pamphlets to share with people living near the National Parks and they have contributed to our Orphaned elephant Awareness campaign. – Rachael Murton

Matabetula Primary (Soul to Sole) 

“Thank you very much to Blue Sky Society Trust and Lion Match Group for the gift they have given to our children. It is very rare for us to receive gifts such as these. We are a very poor school and 50% of our children are orphans. Thank you very much, and our only wish is that one-day we can do as you have done to another school. Thank you for everything.” – Principle Simon Gugu Mqadi

Hlengimpilo Primary School (Big Sister Project) 

“Lion Match Group and Blue Sky Society Trust, we are so grateful and we thank you for the teachings and thank you for the love that you have given to our children.

We are so happy.”  – Deputy Principle Nduli

Umbimbilethu Crèche & Daycare

“The people from Lion match and Blue Sky have changed the lives of these children. They are happier and they enjoy coming to school. It is also a better place for the caregivers to work. We are very grateful for the love and support “ – Mrs Gumede